Relative spend across England

Diabetes by GP Practice and Clinical Commissioning Group

Cost of Diabetes Prescriptions by GP Practices

The map below shows the volume and Actual Cost1 of Diabetes related 3 prescriptions by GP Practices across England during April 2015.

Practices are then colour coded based on the Actual Cost per 1,000 patients.

Hovering over any practice will show the following information:

  • The number of patients registered
  • Cost of Diabetes related prescriptions issued
  • Cost per 1,000 patients
  • Number of items or packages
  • Quantity of tablets etc within those items or packages

Share of Diabetes Cost by Clinical Commissioning Group

The next map shows how much of each Clinical Commissioning Group’s Net Ingredient Cost2 is spent on Diabetes related Prescriptions in 2014/15.

Two costs are associated for each prescription:

  • 1 Actual Cost including the cost of packaging and other expenses less nationally negotiated discounts
  • 2 Net ingredient Cost including only the cost of ingredients.

3 Diabetes related drugs are identified as those in Section 6.1 of the British National Formulary.


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