Cycle Progress in Real Time

How my Cycling Improved

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I started road cycling in July.

The map below shows how my cycling progressed in August 2015 with each dot representing one of my five rides as follows:

Date Ride Distance (Miles) Average Speed (MpH) Max Speed (MpH)
1 1st First Teacake Run 36.9 13.9 25.5
2 8th Teacake Run 2 44.8 14.4 26.2
3 15th Teacake Solo Ride 40.4 12.8 26.2
4 22nd Teacake Run 4 41.5 14.7 30
5 29th Teacake Run – first ride in Bunch 44.8 15.6 28.6

The data – 48, 780 GPS readings from 15 hours cycling was gathered using my Strava iPhone App and downloaded from the Strava Website.  I then processed these to synchronise the start times and remove the tea cake and tea break we take at the Thaymar Farm Shop and Team Room.

You can see my last run, in dark green in front whilst the yellow one, where I cycled alone and took a few wrong turns is the slowest.

The image above is not of me, but Chris Froome on Jenkin Road, in Wincobank, Sheffield, arguably the toughest climb of the Yorkshire route.

If you need some data mapping, drop me a line below.


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